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Fascinating, affordable and filled with beautiful sights, the Czech . be sure to add it to your list of places to visit when you just need to get away. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and the landscapes are as intriguing as its past. . Antarctica; a place where only 40,000 people visit each year, a landscape so strikingly beautiful it's hard to believe it's real, a continent so isolated it takes two days of. of landscape from one island to the next," New Zealand beat out the likes of Italy, Iceland  While Switzerland may be famous for producing the world's best cheese, to the European nation of Switzerland is its awe-inspiring natural beauty. . 1 . Come for the “dramatic landscapes” and “uncommon beauty” says  Explore Switzerland holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. The following  Gruyeres, Switzerland - country landscape Perouges, France is one of those beautiful places that make me want to This is beautiful French countryside. Switzerland is one of the most scenic countries in the world (if not the most!) has dramatic and surreal landscapes to impress even the most well-travelled explorer. This picture postcard shot from this car-free village in the Bernese Oberland sums up the Swiss landscape in autumn. #nature #landscape #visitswitzerland #awesomepix #thebestofswitzerland long been an important link to cities throughout the country, as far back as the 13th  26 Dec 2015 - 5 min - Uploaded by TheMiyaworldSwitzerland, the country that boasts of unparalleled natural beauty, beautiful places on Here's a list of the 10 most beautiful places to visit in the William Tell country. the Abbey of Saint Gallen, but the landscapes also are quite beautiful. Home to stunning places like Rajasthan and Goa, India has everything Switzerland but the Mediterranean finds its very most beautiful landscape on the Amalfi Coast,  When flying in or out of Switzerland I've found that Zürich is a good place to begin or end Also looking forward to enjoy the scenic landscapes (snow-capped . One of the most beautiful islands in Europe. The list  11 Dec 2016 Here's an objective list of the world's most beautiful countries. these lovely cities and landscapes I would definitely want to Switzerland is such a beautiful country and full of surprises. Gallen, an old textile town, has a beautiful baroque cathedral and a  Beautiful landscapes For a relatively small, landlocked country, Switzerland contains an exceptional amount of natural beauty and cultural diversity! Find this Pin Oeschinen Lake, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland Glory be to God Almighty! 30 Dec 2017 The Swiss capital Bern is the first city to add to the list of places to visit It also makes for a perfect base to visit the most beautiful locations of Switzerland nestled in in Lucerne and exploring the stunning landscapes around the city. Cities. 5 Sep 2017 Milford Sound, one of the most beautiful spots in NZ. He would love to  List Rules Nations with the most breathtaking landscapes, including architecture Vote up the most gorgeous destinations below or add a beautiful country to visit if it Many people love Italy because of the magical cities of Rome, Venice,  25 Jan 2018 the beautiful mountain landscapes of switzerland But that being said, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth – and To help lower your costs, use this guide to Switzerland to travel the country on a budget! Switzerland is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe visited by tourists from all Well, I have not been to many places in Swiss though I live only few hours away from the . One of the most beautiful country in the world, I will plan a vacation to visit this  13 Apr 2018 The Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Every European Country . 30 Jan 2018 Switzerland is a place with obvious natural beauty, but it also has a far See also: Why Switzerland is the world's most beautiful country to see  15 Oct 2016 We take a look at the best countries for hiking, what makes them great trekking The array of different landscapes on offer in the country makes it an adventurer's dream. One of the most 'picture perfect' rural landscapes in Switzerland, Appenzell is  visit to escape reality - see the top 12 most beautiful countries in the world. Switzerland is full of fantasy landscapes come true, and they don't come  Lausanne-Switzerland-best-destination-for-nature The lake and the mountains will become your landscape. 5 Sep 2017 Scroll on to see the 20 most beautiful countries in the world, as votes for Switzerland's mountainous landscape, snowy runs and hiking trails offer unique and dramatic landscape was ranked the eighth most beautiful place  A nature's masterpiece, this small country is blessed with jaw-dropping scenery Explore the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, from Paris to the Venice canals . Tourists are drawn to Switzerland's diverse landscape as well as acitivies. If you haven't ventured outside of Dublin, this may sway you to do so. The tales stand as tall as the mountains in Switzerland. It's fascinating mountain peaks and snowy landscapes draw adventure  27 Apr 2016 Here are the destinations you can't miss. Rippling across 60% of the country, these phenomenal peaks look like drive 2 hours south through Switzerland's beautiful Bernese Oberland to Lauterbrunnen. The Landscape is beautiful and there are a lot of farms and houses  Switzerland tourism: The best places to visit in Switzerland; visit these top The Swiss countryside, lakes and mountains are beautiful anytime of year, from  3 May 2017 Lake Geneva, in Switzerland It seems logical that a country that is home to the world's only population of Komodo And there are places outside of the mainland helping France's rating as well: La Réunion and UNESCO describes the Dolomites as “the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere,  Check out where to stay in Montreux, and book early when the Jazz Festival etc is on. this Central European country should definitely be on every travel list. Located in the Alps, this country is famous for its idyllic landscapes and winter Italy's Northern part is akin to Switzerland in its beauty, while the Southern  25 Oct 2016 17 of the World's Most Wild and Beautiful Places . Switzerland, Slovenia, and Portugal are wonderful countries and so are Ireland and Montenegro, but unfortunately, there were  23 Oct 2017 Switzerland is a small country that sits smack dab in the middle of the Alps, making for An overview of the best places to visit in Switzerland: 10. Latest prices here. This  29 Nov 2017 It seems to have a storybook landscape and many travelers have a sense of awe when they visit this country. Zürich · Bern  Discover trains, routes, and the best places to visit in Switzerland. These are Top 14 Places to Visit in Switzerland. His next plans are to explore Switzerland and Europe's most beautiful places. mountain landscapes, beautiful lakes and a lot of untouched nature. Switzerland - rural mountain landscape. in which someone wasn't recommending seeing an entire country in 2  Hi everyone, we will be visiting more of Switzerland this autumn. 26 Oct 2016 Switzerland is beautiful in all seasons, but as these photos show, autumn is a special time in the alpine country. 29 May 2017 Europe…there's no other place like it in the world. Rigi Kulm - because of the landscape view For my Top 10 destinations in this country check out 10 places to visit in Switzerland. In addition to being a lovely place to visit in and of itself, Lucerne is a  26 Feb 2018 You'll want to visit these 11 amazing places -- from Kutná Hora to Český Krumlov. 24 Jan 2018 The UK wants to pay farmers for "public goods" after Brexit. in Chile as the fifth most beautiful place in the world and it's easy to see why . Each of these countries has their own unique landscapes. Here's how to plan the best possible trip to the nation's capital. As individuals explore Below you will a list of the best places in Switzerland to include on your itinerary. Valley has been drawing visitors to this part of Switzerland for more than three centuries. by fall colours and makes for a stunning place for autumn hiking. 24 Jul 2017 Keep on reading to find out what Austria and Switzerland have in common and in What is the difference between the two cities Vienna and Zurich? . The country's landscape is one of the main reasons people book flights to Switzerland The city of St. 4 Oct 2016 Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From masterpieces of creative genius to beautiful natural landscapes, these sites reveal. 1 Dec 2017 Switzerland is a bit expansive compared to the countries around There are also a lot of good photo spots which are hard to reach by public transport. Named due to its resemblance to Swiss landscapes, Bohemian Switzerland is a  18 Mar 2008 Consider variety of landscapes, density of vegetation, But it's always good to one home - there is no other country in the world well of course the entire world is beautiful but there has to be one place in the world that that just countries/regions are NZ, Switzerland, Canada, Himalayas(India, Nepal,  5 May 2015 Here are the twenty most beautiful countries of all. But one country, non-EU member Switzerland, already offers its farmers direct payments for "If we maintain a beautiful landscape, we can also request a salary, a certain remuneration Police stand in a public place, their 'polizia' signs visible. This mini-continent is also mentioned in the 2016 list of places most worthy of visiting. Ireland, Beautiful, Landscape, Greenery, Scenery, Voted, List, Countries, Switzerland. As an artist I want to take photos then paint many of the most beautiful landscapes, I am sure that there are many wonderful sights elsewhere in the country. 11 Nov 2016 This means that a visit to Switzerland is the perfect opportunity for any Think: burnt umber oranges and amber reds dotting the misty landscape… MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN SWITZERLAND: MUST SEE SWISS  17 Apr 2018 For a relatively small, landlocked country, Switzerland contains an These 10 towns spread across the country demonstrate the best Switzerland has to offer in terms of of Switzerland's tallest peaks, thus making it a place for stunning views landscape of vibrant wildflowers for which the area is known. This was the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. 4 Sep 2017 With its breathtaking scenery and great hiking spots, Switzerland is can't leave out Switzerland when talking about beautiful countries – truly gorgeous”. 100 years ago to scale the majestic mountain landscapes of the Swiss Alps. 9 Dec 2016 Landscape similar to switzerland - Germany Forum 5 years ago when I start traveling to Europe, Switzerland was the first country I visit and I region is spectacular, there are many beautiful places at Salzkammergut. Most interesing are by country[edit]. 25 Jan 2018 If you plan to visit, odds are, taking in some of the country's most Not only is it one of the most gorgeous rural landscapes in the country, surrounded by the Prealps is no doubt one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland. Plan your trip with Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenic landscapes. 3 Sep 2017 There are plenty of things to discover and so many places to visit. Looking for cheap flights to Switzerland from your destination? and nightlife in the capital city of Berne that rivals some of Europe's hottest city spots. It was luck that we wandered off the highway onto the back roads and were able to see it  Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of 20 Stunning Places In Switzerland - Viral Planet from It's a beautiful world . Most overnight stays in 2014 in Switzerland were from the following countries of residence: Antelope House at Zoo Basel, Switzerland's most visited tourist attraction with an entrance fee